Job Shop

Category: Job Shop
Model: JSC-1100-LS
  • Accomplished high acceleration time within 1 ~ 1.8 seconds.
  • Increase the production capacity of mass production requirements.
  • Excellent for machining small but different sizes of parts.
Category: Job Shop
Model: JSC-1400-LS
  • Job-shop CNC vertical machining center has an extremely work-loading capability for handling heavy parts.
  • Combined with box and linear/roller guide ways for 3-axis, to keep machining precisely.
  • The multiple applications of direct-drive/belt-drive spindles.
Category: Job Shop
Model: JSC-1400-BS
  • Heavy work loading capacity raised 25% up due to low gravity machine base offering a solid foundation.
  • Strong V-shaped column keeps long lasting dynamic and static accuracy.
  • Precisely machining achieve mass production.
Category: Job Shop
Model: JSC-1800-BS
  • Cost-saving machine for processing the big size from heavy duty industries.
  • The optimum power for mass production, enhance even the heavy workpiece precision can be guaranteed.
  • For customizing purpose, sheet metal cover can be alternative.
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